Rev. Bert Montgomery


Bert has served as pastor of University Baptist Church since August 2008. He previously served in the positions of pastor and youth minister at churches in Kentucky. 

A graduate of the Baptist Seminary of Kentucky (M.Div., 2007), Bert also holds a master’s degree in Sociology (Mississippi College, 1993).  He was born in New Orleans and has lived in Memphis – which he considers to be the southernmost and northernmost cities in Mississippi. Prior to serving in ministry staff positions, he served as a juvenile court probation officer first in Jackson, MS, and then in Memphis, TN.

He is the author of five books (see below) and has written columns related to faith and culture for the Starkville Daily News and other newspapers, as well as online sites including The Huffington Post, Red Letter Christians, and the Faith Lab. He has interviewed legendary folksinger Arlo Guthrie, members of the Allman Brothers and Derek Trucks Bands, and even the deceased monk Thomas Merton (for the Wittenburg Door magazine). To learn more about Bert’s writings, visit his personal website:

Bert enjoys listening to good music, reading good books, watching good movies, spending time with family and friends, and supporting all things related to Mississippi State (especially the Famous Maroon Band).

Bert and his wife, Jency, have been married since 1989, and they have two sons – both are graduates from MSU.

In addition to serving as pastor, Bert teaches sociology and religion classes at Mississippi State University.

Bert’s newest book is a collection of his LGBTQ-affirming columns, sermons, and such centered around UBC’s involvement with Starkville’s first Pride parade in 2018: A RABBI & A PREACHER GO TO A PRIDE PARADE. Click the image to learn more.

from the back cover:

Here, finally assembled together in one collection, are Bert Montgomery’s LGBTQ-related musings, columns, and sermons. Bert uses humor, stories, and the Holy Scriptures to challenge the heresy of homophobia within the church and to call for full inclusion and affirmation—in both church and civic life—of our LGBTQ family members, friends, and neighbors. And yes, a rabbi and a preacher really did go to a Pride parade!
Bert is a regular contributor to the weekly Faithelement podcast. Click image to learn more and give them a listen!

Bert is a regular contributor to the weekly Faithelement podcast. Click image to learn more and give them a listen!