U-B-U at UBC

As one of our members often says, "U-B-U at UBC" (you be you, get it?). We've made it a priority over the years to welcome everyone as you are as we worship, serve, and grow together in the grace of God. Here, in their own words, are some of our members and friends sharing what UBC means to them.

“I have been a person of faith my whole life and have grown into a pretty liberal Christian over the years. I have been to many churches. Some open and accepting and some not. The second my family and I walked into UBC we knew we were in the right place. Warm, accepting, open people who love God. We are so happy to call UBC our family. ”

- JoAnn Spewak

"UBC is a place which doesn't judge you. You can be yourself rather than get endlessly hassled to conform. How you approach life is what matters here."

- Robert Harland

"During my 70+ years on this earth, I’ve probably been a member of 20 different churches—not church-hopping, just moving every few years. Two churches—Northside Baptist in Clinton and University Baptist in Starkville—have provided me the culture, stimulus, and freedom to keep my spiritual life growing … and that’s what church is all about, isn’t it?"

- David Sullivan


I started attending UBC as a college student. For a girl with a mohawk and an affinity for wearing ties, walking into any church can be slightly terrifying. However, I have found a family of believers who accept and love me unconditionally, who don’t believe being Christian and being gay are mutually exclusive.